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Welcome to, A place to test your typing efficiency and speed. Do you think you can type fast? Are you the best? You can find out here at!! Whether you're a Beginner, Rookie, Pro, Veteran or All-Star, your goal is to try to finish as quick as possible and find out how good you really are. At, it is all about seeing yourself at the top and having fun while getting there.

Join now and play for free! Try to beat the fastest times within the different skill levels. Simply pick the level you think you can master, time yourself and set a new record. No matter what your level is, you'll certainty
be up for a challenge. Sign up for free and give yourself the opportunity to see if you are
the Quicker Typer.

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Here at you can bring your keyboarding experience
to a whole new level. By competing with others, your typing will improve
and become as easy and fluent as speaking, allowing you to complete writing tasks faster, effortlessly and efficiently.

Stop wasting your time hunting for keys on the keyboard. Begin to focus on your text and ideas, giving yourself more freedom for creativity.

Improve Speed

By competing against others, a novice keyboard user can become much faster. Slow clumsy typing will no longer interrupt the flow of your thoughts!

Get rid of Typos

Finally eliminate those annoying typing errors, and increase the quality of your texts.

Save Time

By learning to type much quicker, you will save many working hours each year as you type faster and do not need to correct errors constantly.

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